Creative Coloring Course Reviews

Please find below a small selection of reviews from some of the people who have taken Creative Coloring Course so far. All comments, testimonials and reviews are 100% genuine and have been collated and verified by impartial review service

I am only part-way through your coloring course and my images have already gone from drab to fab! The tips, techniques and insights you have given me have made coloring an even more enjoyable and satisfying pastime. I am extremely proud of the art I am now producing thanks to your wonderful and elegant guidance.

Helen Blake

I have been waiting for a good adult coloring course for a while – and you’ve really delivered it. Thank you for creating such well-structured and professionally produced training that even a non-artistic person like me can follow. My coloring skills have improved 1000% since I took your course and I’m genuinely delighted with my final images!

Anna Rowton

My husband thought I had gone out and bought a printed picture. When I told him I had sketched and colored it in myself he was flabbergasted! The look on his face was worth every penny I paid for this course. It’s given me skills I didn’t know I had, along with a newfound love of art. Thank you so much.

Angela Chen

I have bought several coloring books over the past few months, but the more confident I got, the more I wished I could actually start to create my own designs to hang on my wall. I had no idea where to start until I went through your course. Thank you.

Marie-Anne Darling

I signed up to your course because I had literally not picked up a pencil crayon since school! Your coloring course not only gave me the confidence to dip my toe in the world of adult coloring, but I’m now designing my own coloring book! Thank you.

Ema Charles

Janet’s warm and friendly teaching style is a refreshing change to some of the stuffy classes I’ve done in the past! The sketching and coloring techniques she teaches really make a difference. Most of all, I found the course a real pleasure to follow along to. Well done.

Bryan Tompkinson

I had been searching for an adult coloring course and I am so glad I found yours! I have recommended it to several of my friends and we’re about to start our own adult coloring group to practice the techniques we’ve learned from your course.

Gayle Davis

I was starting to get bored of the same repetitive designs in coloring books, what a welcome pleasure and relief this course is for coloring enthusiasts like me! It’s given me back my passion for coloring so I give it 10 out of 10.

Stephanie M.

I would like to pass on my thanks to you for your adult coloring course. Learning how to blend colors and even how to hold my pencils correctly has really made a big difference to my images. These are things that I never would have thought about on my own. Mostly, I am enjoying coloring even more now. Thank you!!