Learn Artistic Drawing & Coloring Techniques

Creative Coloring Course is the new online course that unlocks your inner artist by teaching you advanced creative coloring and drawing techniques used by professional artists. Developed by award-winning experts, this easy-to-follow CPD Certified course gives you the knowledge and pro-level artistic skills that take you from blank canvas to stunning pieces of contemporary artwork that could grace any wall.

Whether beginner or experienced colorist, Creative Coloring Course takes your love and enjoyment of adult coloring onto a whole new artistic level.

Adult coloring course and books

What our students are saying…

Your course has opened up an entirely new world to me and I’ve found it a real delight to learn all of these new coloring techniques. Even the way I hold my pencil now has made a big difference. My pictures have improved immensely. Thanks for a really fun and informative class.
Rebecca Stowley


Thank you for creating this adult coloring course. Not only has it given me the tools and techniques for creating some really lovely colored images. It has also given me the confidence and inspiration to start producing my own artwork from scratch for friends and family. Something I never thought I had in me!
Shirley C. Williams


This was a thoroughly great program! The instructor had a really nice, warm and friendly style that made it easy for even a non-artsy beginner like me to follow along and learn from. I liked the fact that it didn’t just show you how to color but also lots of new things you can do such as creating gifts and professional artwork. Well done to the team behind this!
Virginia White