Course Tutor

Janet Stephenson is an established practising artist and exhibits in some of the finest, select galleries. Her artwork is intricate, detailed and full of interesting pattern, texture and colors.

Janet’s background was originally in printed textile and design. She has produced designs for some of the industry’s top furnishing and dress fabric companies.

Janet has also spent over 30 years teaching fine art and textile design in schools, as well as heading workshops for students and colleagues, enabling them to develop their skills and enhance their own work.

Janet has a deep passion for art and design, and takes great pleasure in sharing her enthusiasm with others, so that they too can benefit from her knowledge, skills and expertise.

Most of Janet’s inspiration comes from natural forms: cell structures, animals, insects, plants, flowers and the landscape in general, but she also adds a modern twist to her work by combining her admiration of Italian architecture and sculpture.

She finds natural form provides a never-ending source of inspiration, rich in color, pattern and texture. She works that inspiration through her artwork with a combination of observational drawings and modern abstract pieces – the perfect combination for the creative coloring course.

Prepare to be drawn into an elaborate world of design, color and technical skills, as you follow along with Janet in this relaxed, step-by-step 12-module Creative Coloring Course.